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>> Does it make a difference if you choose reboot in Windows vs shutdown?
>> Windows 10 hibernates by default (hybrid shutdown) when powering off.
>> Reboot uses a 'real' shutdown.
>> Mvg, Guus Snijders
> No. Rebooting from Windows to Linux still causes the issue. Rebooting
> from Linux to Linux causes the issue, and shutting down the system
> doesn't help either.

This is a really important issue with Win10 -- especially with dual-boot.
Unless you choose "Restart", Win10 doesn't fully shutdown. The windows driver
could leave the card in a state that Linux cannot manage the card. One option
is to use the button or switch on your laptop to turn wifi off before using
"Restart" and then turn it back on once the cold-boot occurs. I have an HP
Laptop that is a dual-boot Arch/Win10 box (it has 2 separate hard drives) and
I haven't experienced this problem with an Intel wireless chipset.

Those are the only stray thoughts I have on the issue. If a cold-boot is
occurring when switching between OSs, then neither can have any effect on the
other (at least with a MBR setup).

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.

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