If I actually used top after discovering htop, I would prefer the old
look (which our new procps-ng maintainer has apparently made an
executive decision to use).

On 04/11/2018 12:53 PM, David C. Rankin wrote:
> The PKGBUILD change for rebuilds is simple, but we ought to have one or the
> other (modern preferred here, but I have nothing against someone else wanting
> the old top view available) If a simple config can make both happy - that
> seems like a no brainer. Otherwise, I'll keep using asp to grab the latest and
> fix it myself by removing the --disable-modern-top build option.
>        #       --disable-modern-top \
> Consistency beats a 'box-of-chocolates' any day...

Why would you rebuild it, though, just to modify the *default*
configuration? Why not create your own /etc/topdefaultrc?

It's ironic, I guess, that the procps-ng developers did this in order to
provoke people into learning how to configure top, but now we have
people preferring the old look, who complain when the default changes,
and then when we revert to the old look we have people complaining about
the old look, but no one seems interested in, well, configuring it as
upstream intended...

(Kudos to Jonathon for being principled enough in both desiring
distro-customized defaults for Manjaro users and implementing them the
right way. I wonder if anyone will actually learn how to use top though...)

Eli Schwartz
Bug Wrangler and Trusted User

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