On 02/19/2018 06:31 PM, Luke Shumaker wrote:
> From: Luke Shumaker <luke...@parabola.nu>
> This has the test change PKGEXT the second time it tries to release the
> package.  Currently, this causes the tests to fail.  That's a good thing;
> it's checking for the regression where db-functions:check_pkgrepos isn't
> treating PKGEXT as a glob.
> Without this, that regression didn't cause test failure because the checks
> right after it were tripping anyway.
> https://lists.archlinux.org/pipermail/arch-projects/2018-February/004742.html
> v2: Follow Eli's suggestion to simplify it using the check in __buildPackage
> v3: Simplify further by assuming __buildPackage checks PKGEXT, not PKGEXTS
> ---
>  This is written againt Eli's v2 patchset (my concerns there don't
>  affect this).  You can verify--applying this patch first makes the
>  tests fail, then applying Eli's patches make the tests pass again.
>  Dave's objections to the __isGlobfile name and comment apply to this
>  patch as well.
As far as the testsuite is concerned, you can just use "Fix overloading
PKGEXT to mean two things." as a base. This means that all you need to
do is check that if you releasePackage the same package twice using a
new $PKGEXT it is still rejected.


We're not testing whether or not globs work, we're testing whether or
not check_pkgrepos properly detects pre-existing packages (which it does
via globs). Using __isGlobfile() here will no longer be useful
information once $PKGEXT is only ever something from makepkg. So it
doesn't make sense to add code that will be almost immediately removed.

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