Hello all,

I'm writing to announce that Carrie Barton, of PRESERVE/scapes 
<http://home.preservescapes.com/> (a Washington DC-based cultural resources 
management firm) and I will be presenting at the APTi conference that is 
coming up in San Antonio, TX.  We will be giving a presentation during a 
cultural landscape session where we talk about our recent installation of 
Arches for the Armed Forces Retirement Home - Washington.  If you happen to 
be coming to that conference (or if this post inspires you to go last 
minute!) please be sure to stop by and say hello.  We'll be presenting on 
Nov. 1st at 9:45 am, and you can read more about our presentation and the 
others in our session at this 

The AFRH-IRIS (Information and Resource Inventory System) deployment of 
Arches can be viewed here: www.afrh-iris.com, and my repo for the project, 
which includes a detailed list of all the additions/subtractions I ended up 
making to the Arches-HIP package, can be seen here: 
www.github.com/mradamcox/afrh.  The main things we did were to add a lot of 
historic maps as overlays, create a new permissions system, and create a 
whole lot of new resource types to allow the AFRH-W system to track all of 
their management, planning, and development activities directly within the 
Arches database. They are very excited to use it!


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