I've found a very annoying addition to this issue.  I have a specific 
resource that I can load properly, and it will display on the map view no 
problem. However, whenever it is reindexed, the re-indexing fails, with 
this error MaxBytesLengthExceededException[bytes can be at most 32766 in 
length; got 33076].  To fix this specific problem I will just cut the 
geometry into two more pieces, and that should solve the problem.  What is 
more troubling is that apparently the load_resources process does not apply 
the same indexing functions. This means that the resource could sit, 
unaltered in the database and seem just fine, until any change is made to 
its attributes causing it to be reindexed, and then the error will appear 
and the feature will disappear (leading to the initial question in this 
post). Worse though, is that the index_database process may need to be run 
for any number of reasons, and it will cause this same problem.

Anyway, the original question still stands, just thought I would add this 
extra information, as it is ultimately the cause for the question.

On Wednesday, October 12, 2016 at 10:43:44 PM UTC-5, Adam Cox wrote:
> Hello, I've loaded a couple of resources that caused an error during the 
> various indexing processes. This was due to a geometry that had far too 
> many vertices, and I've fixed the resource by cutting the geometry it into 
> a few different pieces. However, when I reindex the database (python 
> manage.py packages -o index_database) it says that the resource is still 
> in the database, but has just failed to be indexed. I would like to remove 
> it from the database, but can't figure out how to do so.  It doesn't show 
> up in search or map view, because it can't be indexed.  I exported the 
> entire db to json and then located the Arches ID for these resources, 
> thinking that with the resource id I should be able to remove the resource, 
> but I still don't know how... any help would be appreciated.
> Adam

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