Hi Xavier,

Arches is pretty flexible and allows you to define the scope and content of 
the monitoring and risk mapping that you want to implement.  For example, 
you could use Arches to track the risk exposure heritage objects have to 
environmental risks (e.g.: risk of damage due to fires, earthquake, 
flooding) or other events (e.g.: re-alignment of a road, redevelopment of 
an area, or altered development policy for an area) using Arches' 
integrated GIS.  Alternatively, you could integrate existing GIS 
data/services into Arches.  And, if you're concerned about risks that 
aren't geospatial (risk of adverse effects due to reduced funding of 
maintenance activities), you define your risk model in Arches.  Simple 
models (such as "High", "Medium", and "Low") are easy to implement.  You 
can implement much more sophisticated risk models using Arches' ability to 
associate functions written in Python. 

The same is true for monitoring heritage objects.  Arches allows you to 
define the information you wish to manage over the course of your 
monitoring efforts.  Simple monitoring might include a statement of the 
condition of and object at a point in time and include photos documenting 
the condition.  More sophisticated monitoring workflows can be implemented 
as functions, or even as full-blown Arches applications.

Hope this is helpful,


On Friday, February 2, 2018 at 4:24:46 AM UTC-8, Xavier Prat wrote:
> Hello,
> I read in the Arches 4 fact sheet the followin feature about the platform:
> --> monitoring and risk mapping.
> I wonder if could i got some examples about this feature. Which is the 
> strategy to map risks under Arches? And what kind of risks are you talking 
> about in this fact sheet?
> thank you
> Xavier Prat

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