I just stumbled across sth, that seemed to match a lot of GPII autopersonalization technologies, yet with a completely different focus: https://github.com/hercules-team/augeas / http://augeas.net/ . This is just a random find that might be interesting for those technologically interested (only).


I could not find any link on the mailing list or wiki as related work that is why I posted this.

It is very different because:

1. It is not about UIs but server configs
2. It only cares about syntax and not semantics
3. It only focusses on Linux

However it :

1. is about updating settings in a safe way
2. also adopts a lensing scheme
3. is of production qualtity (was a redhat emerging technology project)

Why this might be interesting because:

1. it might serve as a stable underlying layer for config updates to
   POSIX type operating systems
2. it is stable but still is not widely adopted (although it seems to
   be a very interesting take similar to the GPII): What went wrong? [I
   found it because it was autoremoved from one of our servers as depency]
3. The GPII might be used for similar purposes and provide value on OS
   config level (not really I guess)

Having said this, I can now deinstall Augeas and forget about it...


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