Thanks Cindy! This is really amazing work!  In addition to Antranig's comments, 
I'd also like to reiterate how important it is, in that it moves us from just 
operating on just test data files in directories, to using full datastores such 
as Couch, but while still maintaining the existing testData in a workable 
fashion to maintain a smooth transition for everyone in the project.  It's a 
really exciting set of work!


> On May 16, 2018, at 4:09 PM, Antranig Basman <> 
> wrote:
> Congratulations to Cindy on the merge this evening of her long-term work on 
> the new GPII Data Model described by GPII-2630, and the annotated schema 
> written up in the wiki at 
>,_KeyTokens,_and_Preferences . This represents 
> over 6 months of careful, patient and skilled work in adapting our existing 
> architecture to the new use cases characterised in the APCP, and is the 
> crucial enabler to getting us up and running with our new cloud-based flow 
> manager and preference server meeting the needs of our first deployment with 
> writable preference safes later this year. A hail of further merges will now 
> follow across several projects as described in the head writeup at 
> - which will provide the basis for 
> the live infrastructure supporting these deployments in the cloud.
> Cindy's work also considerably rationalises our infrastructure as inherited 
> from the Cloud4All days, removing unnecessary implementations, and renaming 
> and realigning our terminology with the new accepted naming, e.g. PCP -> PSP, 
> NP sets -> preference sets, userToken -> GPII key, etc.
> Many thanks to Cindy for bringing this to a great conclusion as always, and 
> looking forward to the next months of work that will be based on this 
> implementation. As usual, anyone who has an active pull request against 
> universal will certainly need to update it now as a result of the large 
> number of conflicts that will be introduced with respect to this work. 
> Wishing Cindy a great holiday as she is off on Monday!
> Cheers,
> Antranig.
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