I am an intern currently working on JavaScript based Data Mapper tooling.

Initially, the project was started by incorporating jsPlumb and the basic
UI requirements were achieved including,

   1. File reading
   2. XML parsing
   3. Displaying tree structure
   4. Draggable nodes (Map leaf nodes to opposite container)
   5. Draggable containers(input and output structures)

The draggable nodes functionality is simulated in one of my blog posts -

As the next step, D3 was used instead of jsPlumb and the above requirements
were achieved with the use of D3 and html svg. (Working file on [1])


Currently I'm working on reading JSON schema instead of XML and the tree
structure was obtained by using html lists. (The working fiddle on [2])

The next steps would be to incorporate SVG in order to achieve the
draggable nodes and containers.

Please let me know of feedback and suggestions for improvements.

[1] - Link to working file -

[2] - JSFiddle for JSON schema tree structure -

[3] - Related blog posts -

[4] - Git repository - https://github.com/sachi-d/DataMapperWebApp


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