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> Hi,
> With the current efforts on moving to C5 based architecture, API Manager
> plans to rely on standalone IS (without installing features) so that it can
> operate as the Key Manager for the API Gateway. In order to achieve this,
> there are a few feature gaps in IS we have identified earlier that need to
> be filled in. Please see the list below.
> 1. A Dynamic Client Registration Endpoint
> When users create Applications and Keys on the API Store, we need to call
> an Endpoint on IS to register the Application. Once an Application is
> registered, API Manager also requires an endpoint to retrieve the
> Application's information by querying using the Application name.
> 2. A Resource Registration Endpoint
> When defining scopes and associating Resources to scopes, it is required
> to register these scopes on IS. Scopes should also have a role (or similar)
> binding so that we can perform RBAC (at a minimal) for scopes. It is ideal
> to make this an extensible framework so that others could associate thing
> like permissions to scope as well.
> 3. A Resource Validation Endpoint against scopes
> When the Gateway grants access on a particular token to a resource, it
> needs to check if the given token bears the necessary scope to access that
> resource.

Does Gateway has to call IS for token validation for each API call? Won't
that degrade performance?

> At the moment we have identified the above 3 as mandatory features to be
> supported by IS if the said integration is to be feasible. We would be
> grateful if these could be taken into consideration when IS is being built
> on C5.
> Thanks,
> NuwanD.
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