WSO2 IoT Server 1.0.0 ALPHA4

We are pleased to announce WSO2 IoT Server 1.0.0 ALPHA4 release. It can be
downloaded from

WSO2 IoT Server is an extensible, open-source, multi tenant, Internet of
Things Platform for implementing server-side of IoT Reference Architecture.
It comes with a few reference implementations for the device layer.
WSO2 IoT Server supports:

   - Device Management
      - Extensions for registering device types
      - Self-service enrollment and management of connected devices
      - Group, manage and monitor connected devices
      - Share device operations / data with other users
      - Distribution and management of applications and firmware to devices
      - Edge computing powered by WSO2 CEP streaming engine (Siddhi -
      - OOTB support for some known device types such as Raspberry Pi,
      Arduino Uno, Android
   - IoT Protocol Support
      - Leverage MQTT, HTTP, Websockets and XMPP protocols for device
      communications with IoT Server Framework extension for adding more
      protocols and data formats
   - Analytics
      - Support for batch, interactive, real-time and predictive analytics
      through WSO2 DAS
   - Pre-built visualization support for sensor readings
      - View instant, visualized statistics of individual or multiple
      - Traverse through, analyse and zoom in/out of filtered data
      - Stats-API to write your own visualization
      - Pre-built graphs for common sensor reading types like temperature,
   - API Management for App Development
      - Devices are represented as REST APIs
      - Develop applications using Device APIs
   - Identity and Access Management
      - Identity Management for devices
      - Token based access control for devices & operations (protect back
      end services via exposing device type APIs)
      - Support for SCEP protocol (encryption and authenticity)

Bug Fixes

   - [IOTS-52 <>] - the permissions
   given to one role is applied to the other
   - [IOTS-126 <>] - Update group:
   User is unable to update group details
   - [IOTS-261 <>] - ERROR - js {} and
   Unauthorized Action thrown for admin user
   - [IOTS-272 <>] - Copy link
   operation in Raspberry Pi enrollment page lands on empty page
   - [IOTS-275 <>] - API are not
   - [IOTS-276 <>] - CNF exceptions
   thrown at startup when samples are deployed
   - [IOTS-280 <>] - Add role gives an
   - [IOTS-281 <>] - CSRF error when
   trying to add a group
   - [IOTS-284 <>] - Distributed Setup
   - publisher profile - ClassNotFoundException
   - [IOTS-285 <>] -
   /devicemgt/policy/add gives an Error
   - [IOTS-299 <>] - Refactor the
   Windows plugin

Tasks Done

   - [IOTS-296 <>] - Generalize policy
   management for IoT Server
   - [IOTS-309 <>] - Update swagger
   annotation in iOS APIs
   - [IOTS-311 <>] - Android for Work
   implementation for COSU


   - [IOTS-39 <>] - MQTT policy
   publisher should be invoke with call back from CDM policy manager

*Charitha Goonetilleke*
Software Engineer
WSO2 Inc.;

mobile: +94 77 751 3669 <%2B94777513669>
Twitter:@CharithaWs <>, fb: charithag
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