I am working on a notifications system for the password rotation policy
authenticator in IS Analytics (C4) [1]. I am trying to set the email body
(of type text/html) of the email event publisher using the template manager.

However, *I get this error* when I try to do this. (There are no logs shown
in the console)

*The value entered:*

Hi {{username}},<br><br>Your password for the account in WSO2 Identity
Server had expired. Your account details are as follows.<br><br>Username :
{{username}}<br>UserStoreDomain : {{userStoreDomain}}<br>Email Address :
{{email}}<br><br>Please login and change your password.<br><br>Thank
you!<br><br>Regards,<br>WSO2 IS<br>

After debugging I found out that this is because "<" and ">" characters
don't get encoded [2] from the UI and because of that the Apache Axiom
library [3] used for parsing throws an error because of this. (Please
correct me if I am wrong)

Is there a workaround for this? If not, shouldn't we support this?

Thank you!

Nadun De Silva

[1] mail : [Architecture] Password Rotation Policy Authenticator
[3] https://ws.apache.org/axiom/

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