Hi All,

I am working on improving audit logs related with user management tasks.
Currently we have audit logs upto some extent, however it could be further
improved. So in this improvement I will focusing on following tasks

   1. Modifying the current audit logs, so that they will give better
   information regarding the user management tasks done by a user.
   2. Focusing on search friendly logs, which the search based on a regex
   will return the relevant results expected by the server admin.
   3. Currently we have not implemented some methods
   from AbstractUserOperationEventListener in UserMgtAuditLogger[1], the event
   listener for logging audit logs related with user management. So will be
   focusing on implementing the other relevant methods to add the meaningful
   audit logs.
   4. Focusing on solving the issues that are reported already related with
   user-mgt related audit logs[2].

I have created a user story doc for this improvement[3] . Appreciate your
comments and suggestions on this to further improve the audit logs related
with user management.



Megala Uthayakumar

Senior Software Engineer
Mobile : 0779967122

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