In WSO2 Identity Server, users can be provisioned to the internal User
store when the users are signing up with social accounts. But in this case,
the users should always use the social login option to login to the
application and the identity admins could not manage them as internal users.

The main idea of this feature is to provision the users with password so
that a proper user account will be created in the identity server so that
they can use the user name and password to login and the identity admins
can manage the users as internal users.

As per the Flash PC[1], we need to consider following aspects when
implementing this feature.

*1. Configuring password provisioning in the IDP level.*
A new option can be provided in the Just-In-Time Provision section to
enable/ disable provisioing with password.

*2. Prompting a page to get the user claims and password*
When a user is using social sign up, in the sign up flow, new page will be
shown with the claims. The claims that are retrieved from the social signup
response will be automatically populated. Users need to fill any mandatory
claims that are missing in the request as well as they need to provide a
valid password.

*3. How multiple social accounts can be associated*This applies when we
support multiple social signup options (Facebook, Google, Twitter etc).
When a user has already signed up with one social account, after some time,
he/she again tries to signup using a different account.
As different social accounts use differnt ids for users, there shoul be a
mechanism to map the values to the existing user.

As a solution for this we can allow users to add their other social account
details in the user profile. So, when the user is trying to sign up using
another account he/she will be logged into the existing account.

*4. What are the user claims that we should retrieve from the social
account and do we allow users to edit those claims.*
As we show the claims that are retrieved from the signup request, have to
decide whether we allow users to modify those details. As per the
discussion [1] we only allow to edit the exact claims that can be edited in
the user profile.

I have written the use cases that will be involved in this use case and
attached herewith.

Any ideas suggestions are highly appreciated.

[1] Updated invitation: IS Flash PC @ Mon Apr 9, 2018 1:45pm - 2:30pm (IST)
(Rapid Response Group)

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