Good morning...

Your entrance ticket link for Saturday's Live Question & Answers with the
founders of Monetizing Your Passion & Purpose. are below.

But first…

If you have not logged in to the Monetising Your Passion & Purpose portal
you need to do it asap. In fact do it just incase even if you have done it

Today is the last day to confirm your participation
and get your $2,000 in free bonuses.

When you login watch the welcome video and type something in the chat
bar…like “I'm in”.

This will confirm you are a real person and not some robot.

It will also make sure you get your $2,000 in bonuses that we promised you
upon registration.

 So do that first by clicking here <<

Also, if you forgot your pasword just

click the forgot password link here<<

Now back to the LIVE Q& A

Jump on with us Saturday morning at 11am and ...

Ask us anything, like....

How to start your business, ministry or non-profit with less than 100

This is going to be a live global Webinar and conference call.

You will have your chance to ask & find out how Steve K and myself have
leveraged our experience to build SIX and SEVEN-figure businesses…

No sales pitch at the end.

We're sowing this information as seed.

You want to know what the real hope for America & the World is?

It's YOU living out your God-given purpose & call.

We're here to equip you with everything you'll need to do just that.

 Login to the Portal Now<< By CLICKING Here

This is going to be a live global Webinar and conference call.

Completely interactive with us and everyone els on the call.

Come learn:

How we've created and mentored more than 25 #1bestselling authors…

How hundreds of our students are well on their way to financial freedom…

Here is the link for Saturday's live Q & A: Click Here


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