Hey quick question -

I hope everything is going well on your end :)

My name is Eric, and I'm on the content team at Cloudwards

I just finished going through your article here:
https://www.mail-archive.com/infocon@infowarrior.org/msg00233.html. Thanks
for the resource!

My colleague Fergus recently put together a pretty comprehensive piece on
the US Patriot Act.There is a ton of information out there; our guide was
designed to cut through the noise a bit.

The post is here: https://www.cloudwards.net/usa-patriot-act/

Would you consider linking to it in the article of yours I mentioned above?
I saw you linked to epic.org in there, so I figured I'd see if you'd link
to mine as well. Perhaps your visitors find it helpful, but hey, it's up to


- Eric

P.S. I respect the relationship you have with your readers, I wouldn't ask
you to link to anything I didn't think was an excellent resource for you

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