>>>> subscribe linux-wireless
**** Your request to majord...@vger.kernel.org:
****    subscribe linux-wireless archive@mail-archive.com
**** must be authenticated.  To accomplish this, another request must be
**** sent in with an authorization key, which has been sent to:
****    archive@mail-archive.com
**** If the message is not received, there is generally a problem with
**** the address.  Before reporting this as a problem, please note the
**** following:
**** You only need to give an address to the subscribe command if you want
**** to receive list mail at a different address from where you sent the
**** command.  Otherwise you can simply omit it.
**** If you do give an address to the subscribe command, it must be a legal
**** address.  It should not consist solely of your name.  The address must
**** point to a machine that is reachable from the list server.
**** If you have any questions about the policy of the list owner, please
**** contact "linux-wireless-appro...@vger.kernel.org".
**** Thanks!
**** majord...@vger.kernel.org

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