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   End of the Year Holiday Sale!

   Now, until January 1st, 2019

   Our end of year Holiday Sale is still going on, now until January 1st,
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   From The Dada Mail Blog:

     * [4]Use
       Third Party Email Template/Layouts in Dada Mail

     * [5]Easily
       Use Dada Mail with Google Analytics Campaign Tracking

     * [6]Demo:
       Easily Import and Export Subscribers in a Dada Mail Mailing List

     * [7]Use
       Amazon SES with Dada Mail for Inexpensive and Very Effective Email

     * [8]Are
       My Mass Mailings Being Received? Part #1: Sending Errors and the
       Tracker plugin

     * [9]Learn
       how to set up Google reCAPTCHA

     * [10]Segmentation
       And Mass Mailing in Dada Mail

     * [11]How
       to turn any Dada Mail install into a Pro Dada install

     * [12]Learn
       how to easily send personalized email messages

     * [13]Read
       about Dada Mail's new mass mailing email layouts, and how easy it
       is to pick and choose the correct layout for your message

     * [14]Learn
       how to create your own email theme, using our open source starter

   Essential Docs for Installing/Upgrading:

     * [15]GDPR
       Compliance in Dada Mail

     * [16]Learn
       more about the changes, and new features of v11

     * [17]Download
       and Install v11

   Thanks for Reading!

   Justin at Dada Mail,
   since 1999



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