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Introduction to VB.Net Programming with Microsoft.Net


28-31st January 2019= , Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

 Rate: RM2550 


Welcome to C#

Working with Variables, Operators, and Expressions

Writing Methods and Applying Scope

Using Decision Statement= s

Using Compound Assignmen= t and Iteration Statements

Creating and Managing Classes and Objects

Understanding Values and

Creating Value Types wit= h Enumerations and


Using Arrays

Understanding Parameter Arrays



Sket= chup Pro


23-25th January 2019= , Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

 Rate: RM1799


Creat= e 2 dimensional geometry (in a 3 dimensional or 3D environment)

Create surfaces from lines 

Create surfaces from circles

Generate surfaces from polygons

Generate surfaces from arcs

Create surfaces from freehand curves

Demonstrate stickiness of geometry

Create 3 dimensional geometry

View a model in 3D

Create surfaces from lines in 3D

Demonstrate stickiness of geometry in 3D

Create geometry with the push-pull tool

Move entities to manipulate geometry

Maintain Coplanar geometry

Connect and generate forms

Lock = an inference

Generate forms quickly

Restore a surface

Create a model, step-by-step

Mirror a model

Create an array

Apply Materials

Create 3D Text

Import component models from Google 3D Warehouse

Alter a model using built-in Styles

Position & export models to Google EartH



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Engl= ish for Email


24-24th January 2019= , Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

 Rate: RM799


Introduction to Emails


.Subject lines



.Eliminating grammar mistakes

.Keeping emails short

.Correct language


Formal & Informal Emails


.Formal/ informal  phrases

.Correct spelling



.Writing & replying to enquiries

.The advantages and disadvantages of emails

.Polite language


Requesting Action

.Writing to colleagues

.Talking about deadlines and taking action

.Common verb - noun phrases




.Informing & replying

.Colloquial phrases & contractions

.Quoting from previous emails

.Being diplomatic


Making and Confirming Arrangements

.Typical phrases for making arrangements

.Prepositions of time

.Saying you're sorry

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