Hello Stephen,

It sounds like there are a few things going on here. I’ll respond to them as I 
understand them, but please feel free to correct if I’m mistaken about what 
you’re trying to do.

First, on the message about having an unpublished ancestor, what version of 
ArchivesSpace are you using? I am so far seeing the correct behavior on this in 
1.5.1. When I have a complex digital object (i.e. one with multiple 
components/levels of hierarchy), if the top level is not marked as published, 
the message appears next to the Publish box on the components warning that the 
ancestor is unpublished. If I set the ancestor to publish, that message goes 
away. It changes responsively when I click or unclick the Publish box in the 
way that’s intended.

I do see that the translation value is missing, which is causing the label to 
appear as translation missing: 
en.digital_object_component.has_unpublished_ancestor in View mode. This would 
appear to be a bug, but it’s for the label display only.

Second, it sounds like you’re linking digital objects to resource components. 
When a digital object is an instance of a resource component, there is not a 
correlation between setting a resource component to publish or not publish and 
this message on the instance, which is intentional. Like a container instance, 
a digital object instance is a manifestation/version of the resource component, 
not a child of it, and its information is only necessary in the context of the 
component if you’re viewing it as part of a resource record. (Because of the 
way the Digital Objects module in ArchivesSpace works, it also lives on its own 
as a record in that module.) The digital object instance itself can be set to 
be published or not.

Third, while you can make a complex digital object an instance of a resource 
component, only the top level of the object appears in the tree of the resource 
record and in the exported EAD. The latter is a limitation of EAD. The full 
hierarchy of the complex digital object is linked in the ArchivesSpace public 

I hope that helps to clear up a little bit what is going on and what is/is not 
possible in relation to resource components and digital objects. Please just 
let us know if you have other questions.


Christine Di Bella
Community Outreach Manager
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Can anyone suggest a solution for this message which appears in digital 
component records in AS? The ancestor is a parent-level digital object record 
which is published. We are trying to link digital objects to finding aid 
metadata. We are also having difficulty displaying the links in the finding aid 
so I am attaching the EAD file for the collection as well.

Label part-2
Identifier mair-01-02
Publish? True
translation missing: en.digital_object_component.has_unpublished_ancestor False

Thank you.

Stephen Innes (ALIANZA)
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