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Locally at Harvard, there's a desire to have a revision statement be added to 
records when imported into ArchivesSpace from EAD.  Our rationale is that 
import into ArchivesSpace from other systems/formats is a significant event in 
the lifetime of the record, and that it's appropriate to track it in record 
content as well as in the creation time of the db record.

If there's general approval of the idea, I can package up our code so it can be 
added to ArchivesSpace proper, and make it available as a plugin.

Currently, we plan to add a revision statement reading "Imported into 
ArchivesSpace" or "Imported into ArchivesSpace via conversion from 

The Github issue discussing this is here: 

- Dave Mayo
  Digital Library Software Engineer
  Harvard University > HUIT > Library Technology Services
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