Hi Michael,

Would you explain what is problematic about this for you? Is the concern with 
how they're sorting?

If so, the identifier fields in the Accession and Resource modules of 
ArchivesSpace each consist of 4 component blocks to facilitate setting default 
values for a portion of the identifier as well as for sorting by identifier 
overall - you can use just one of these blocks or more than one. These fields 
store alphanumeric values so you need to use leading zeros before numbers if 
you want the values to sort in strict numerical order. If your highest number 
is a four-digit number, all you numbers should employ leading zeros as 
necessary to make them four-digit numbers. So, for your example:


would provide the sort of the number portion in the order you're likely 
wanting. (If it were me, I were probably put A&M in the first identifier block 
and the number portion in the second block, but that's not strictly necessary.) 
Depending on the volume of records involved, this kind of data cleanup might be 
done outside ArchivesSpace pre-EAD import or within ArchiveSpace post-import.

If it's a different issue that you're pointing out, please let us know.


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After importing xml records into ArchivesSpace,

and sorting them by identifier, the following turned up:


Can this be remedied within ArchivesSpace?

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