Hi Sue,

As many people know, the current reports module has been problematic in 
ArchivesSpace. The Reports subteam of the User Advisory Council is writing a 
specification for a new reports module, which will be sent to the ArchivesSpace 
community soon. More information about their work is available at 

Reports that were known to not be working prior to the release of 1.5.0/1.5.1 
were removed. I believe that there are some additional reports that have proven 
to be problematic. The members of the Reports subteam are likely the most 
versed in the current status of specific reports as well as reports overall, so 
it would be great if someone from that group would give an update.

And since others are likely having the same issue, I'll just mention a couple 
workarounds I've been pointing people to lately related to getting reporting 
data: the v1.5 versions provide a way for getting data out in CSV format. You 
can access this option from the Browse or search results page for any of the 
primary record types (Accessions, Resources, Digital Objects, Agents, etc.). 
This will export every field from every record in the result set, but the data 
can be refined outside ArchivesSpace.

Another option that some people are using with success is setting up an ODBC 
connection or otherwise hooking ArchivesSpace up to output data to an external 
program. Laurel McPhee of UCSD presented a lightning talk at the Member Forum 
about this, and Nancy Enneking of the Getty presented a similar talk titled DIY 
Reports in ArchivesSpace at a session called Making ArchivesSpace Work for You 
at SAA last month. Nancy's talk is in the file posted at 
Nancy's starts on page 40.


Christine Di Bella
Community Outreach Manager
800.999.8558 x2905
cdibella13 (Skype)

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Hi all,

Does anyone have a status on the reports functionality in 1.5.1? Before I try 
to run a report I want to make sure it will actually run!  Couldn't find 
anything in Jira.


Sue Luftschein
Head, and Archival & Metadata Librarian
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