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While I don’t know the answer to this directly from the program standpoint, Ido 
know that if you create the file in excel and save as a csv it should do the 
proper method automatically. I believe my tests of the csv upload was with the 
“” option in the file. However excel does it automatically works just fine.

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Subject: [Archivesspace_Users_Group] CSV question

When importing a CSV file of accession records, if a given value itself
contains a comma (as is especially common for descriptive text fields),
how should the internal comma be escaped? One common way to do this is to
use a backslash immediately before the comma, for example:

accession_acquisition_type,accession_title,accession_use_restrictions, ...
Gift,Horace T. Allen\, Jr. Collection,FALSE, ...

Another common method is to wrap the value in quotation marks, for example:

accession_acquisition_type,accession_title,accession_use_restrictions, ...
Gift,"Horace T. Allen, Jr. Collection",FALSE, ...

Which of these (or some other technique) does the accession CSV importer

Jackie Rider

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