LCNAFConverter is just overriding and extending MARCXMLConverter.

There is very little MARC mapping in that code module —  it’s mostly in the 
base class, so look at:

The bulk of the code in the plugin deal with search and selection of MARC 
records to import.
MARC mappings are mostly inherited from above.

I would suggest:
[1] simplify by ripping out the OCLC import and only use<>
[2] since there are multiple formats available from<> service, and MARC mappings are complex and 
difficult to understand, I would consider writing a new importer from scratch 
for one of these alternate formats. </opinion>

— Steve Majewski

On Dec 1, 2016, at 1:02 PM, Lapka, Francis 
<<>> wrote:

A group at Yale is exploring the possibility of developing data mapping 
improvements for the AS LCNAF import plugin. Could someone point me to the 
document(s) where the current mappings are documented? If such information is 
embedded in the code only, in which file(s) might I find it?

I’ve failed to unearth the information in my initial perusal 
 but perhaps I’m looking in the wrong places.


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