I work with the Digital Collections & Archives here at Tufts, assisting them 
with technical management of ArchivesSpace. We  have a problem of a new 
archival record level that appeared in our records, probably from an import.  
Although we use the system value "file"  (lowercase), the value "File" 
(uppercase "F") snuck into some of our records.  (This is the value in the 
system, not the display value.)

For testing, I built an API script that I ran against our dev instance that 
took this list of around 200 archival object records and changed the archival 
record level to what it should be.  However it didn't remove the incorrect 
level from ArchivesSpace; it's still an option when you assign record level in 
the interface.   Strangely, the new incorrect archival object level does not 
appear in the enumeration localization file in archivesspace/locales/enums  , 
so I'm not sure how to remove this level as an option.

What we really want is to remove this stray archival record level from 
ArchivesSpace altogether, so that it's not an option to choose when staff are 
assigning level to an AO.   So a merge/delete is what we're trying to do.

Has anyone had experience removing an archival object level from ArchivesSpace, 
and could share how you did this?

Thank you.

Henry Steele
Assistant Systems Librarian
Tufts Univerity Library Technology Services

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