Thanks for the info.  I did talk with my I.T. department and have worked out 
somewhat of a solution.


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My understanding is that ArchivesSpace is not itself equipped to store files. 
You need to put the image files on a web server, and then you’ll have URIs to 
provide to ArchivesSpace. When you visit a page in ArchivesSpace, it will 
actually load the image from that web server, so you need somewhere reliable 
and under your control where the image files will stay in place. I recommend 
asking your IT staff for assistance setting up a directory on a web server that 
you can upload all your images to.


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How do I create URI’s from jpegs saved on my hard drive to upload onto 
ArchivesSpace?  I had migrated from ARCHON, which had existing Digital Library. 
 I have new images to attach to finding aids but can’t figure it out.

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