We are a new archives, so we have not had to import any existing data. Lucky 
us, right? But I’m all-too-human, and I’d now like to do some data cleanup. Is 
it possible to do data cleanup using OpenRefine? Theoretically, it seems 
possible to export “stuff” and pull it into OpenRefine, but I’ve only ever used 
OpenRefine in a classroom situation, where the data was already populated for 
us. We did not import the data back into an existing database, either, so my 
experience is limited to just the mechanics of OpenRefine. Has anyone used 
OpenRefine in a real-world situation with data that’s already in Aspace? Or is 
there a better method for data cleanup?

A further question/complication is that I’m a lone arranger, and my instance is 
hosted by Libraryhost, so any data cleanup may have to be done by them? My tech 
skills are rudimentary, so I’m not clear just how I could get this to work. I 
asked them once, but didn’t get a real answer.


Joan Curbow
Reference Librarian and Archivist
Buena Vista University Library
Buena Vista University
610 West Fourth Street
Storm Lake, Iowa  50588

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