So, false alarm. This was actually a problem with a local plugin that
doesn't work for this version (written for 1.5.4).

Thanks to Noah Huffman for directing my attention to the problem's source!

On Tue, Mar 13, 2018 at 9:41 AM, Seth Shaw <> wrote:

> In our testing of 2.3.1 no new resources are appearing while searching or
> browsing (either from import or manually using the Staff UI). If a resource
> has an Agent added it doesn't appear in that Agent's list of related
> resources. However, all these additions and changes are reflected in the
> database and resources created before the upgrade still appear in searches
> Forcing a reindex by deleting "data/indexer_state/" doesn't have any
> effect.
> The logs only show one related error that appears during the startup
> sequence (see attached for the relevant section of the log).
> Any ideas?
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