I’ve noticed some disturbing behavior…  I was using a separate Data Entry 
repository for volunteers and less-trained student workers to add data into 
ArchivesSpace and then would transfer them into the production server.  It 
seems to me that at some point with our upgrades or somehow, these inventories 
have been lost(!).  There were some times when I would transfer the collections 
between repositories that the system seemed to time out.  I had assumed that 
the collection eventually made it from one repository to another, but I 
probably should have checked.  Does it seem possible that collections do get 
lost like this?
Additionally, we have some wonky scenarios where collections seem to be “mostly 
lost”, but then if I can find a random Top Container, I can edit the record 
again to have it reindex and show up.  It has happened a couple of times!  
During this time, we were on versions 1.5.3 – 2.1.1
Anyone else notice this?  Thanks!
Dr. Lydia Tang, CA, DMA, MLIS
Special Collections Archivist-Librarian
Philosophy, Aesthetics, and Ethics Bibliographer
Michigan State University Libraries
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