Hi everyone,

We are looking forward to our 4th annual ArchivesSpace Member Forum! This event 
will again be held in conjunction with the SAA conference. Like last year, 
we're looking to do a program that combines workshops, sessions, discussion 
groups, and program updates. It will be free and open to all staff of 
ArchivesSpace member institutions. Date and location will be announced shortly.

I'm looking for some ArchivesSpace members to assist me with developing the 
format and program, organizing face-to-face and online events, and, ideally, 
helping with logistics at the forum itself. If you're not planning to go to SAA 
this year, we could certainly still use help before and afterwards, but as you 
would imagine it's really useful to have as many people there to pitch in on 
the day of as we can. The overall time commitment will be less than 5 hours a 
month through August, plus any time spent at the forum itself.

Please email me at christine....@lyrasis.org<mailto:christine....@lyrasis.org> 
if you'd like to be involved and let me know whether or not you plan to attend 
SAA or otherwise be in Washington DC in August. I'm aiming to convene a first 
(zoom) meeting of the planning group later this month. Response requested by 
April 25th. Please let me know if you have any questions, and thank you for 

Best wishes,


Christine Kim
ArchivesSpace Community Engagement Coordinator
800.999.8558 x4820
Skype: ckim.lyrasis

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