There is an open issue for this:

It would probably be helpful to detail your use-case there (e.g. do you have different rulesets in Primo for each repository in ArchivesSpace?)


On 03/08/2022 16:51, Angela Kroeger wrote:
Thank you, Andrew and Andy, for the additional information about how ArchivesSpace presents suppressed and deleted records. It seems that part of the issue is on the ArchivesSpace side and part of it is on the Primo VE side.

Based on advice I got on the Alma-L list, I deleted all ArchivesSpace records from Primo VE, then reloaded from scratch. The new load didn't include the suppressed records, so that resolved that particular issue. (This is a manual process that I will need to do periodically.)

However, the process of discovering this solution led me to a much bigger problem.

A colleague at another institution in my consortium was told they couldn't load their ArchivesSpace records into Primo VE because they don't have their own ArchivesSpace instance. I went into our shared ArchivesSpace instance and changed repositories to see this other institution's OAI-PMH settings, and was surprised/horrified to see that the settings I had believed were specific to our repository are in fact global settings. So the repository set I created for my institution blocks other members of the consortium from loading their ArchivesSpace repositories into Primo VE, and if anyone changes the repository set to work with their records, it will break my institution's loads.

I'm afraid the answer will be no, but I'll ask anyway:

Is there any way to create more than one repository set in the ArchivesSpace OAI-PMH settings? Looking at it, all I can see is "Update OAI-PMH Settings" which would wipe out the previous set.

Why is "repository set" a global setting and not down in the "per repository" settings?

Thank you!


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