Hi Sarah,

The database is the key piece. You should ultimately be able to reconstruct 
everything around that. Take a SQL dump of your ArchivesSpace database from the 
most recent stable restore point and keep that backed up while you work things 

I'm not clear on what your situation is exactly but I can provide some general 

Ideally you would find your ArchivesSpace config.rb file so your settings are 
ready to go. You would find this in the ArchivesSpace "config" directory. 
Likewise plugins, in the ArchivesSpace "plugins" directory.

The Solr index can be rebuilt. You don't need to restore. A normal range would 
be for this take from 10 minutes to a few hours depending on the size of your 
database. It can take longer if you have an especially large database and / or 
some non-standard configuration elements (record inheritance, plugins with 
search customizations for the indexer).

You don't mention your ArchivesSpace version but if you were running external 
Solr on the same host then you'll need to set that up again, or you may prefer 
to restore it depending on what options you have internally. However you should 
follow up with a full reindex if you do any permutation of restoring or 
retaining a pre-existing index just to be sure you're in sync with the restored 

The easiest place to start would be to use the same version of ArchivesSpace as 
you were running recently. Run the database setup script first (to catch any 
potential version drift), then start ArchivesSpace as usual and review things 
carefully. Because your config and plugins (if any) are also coming, via the 
snapshot, from a potentially older version of ArchivesSpace than you were 
running you should review those in case you need to "catch up" on any changes.


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We had an unfortunate incident where our AS server was restored to a much 
earlier state. Alos very unfortunately, we do not have a proper backup. We do 
have a snapshot. What files/directories beyond the database might need to be 

Appreciate any help with this!

Sarah Frieldsmith
Systems Librarian
University of San Diego
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