Hi Steve,

I think you're essentially correct here.
Direct DB updates are generally frowned upon but are the easiest way out in 
this case.
I'm going completely off memory so backup and try things carefully as I may not 
be 100% accurate with the SQL:

Get the ids for the controlled values from the `enumeration_value` table.

SELECT ev.id, ev.value FROM enumeration_value ev JOIN enumeration e ON e.id = 
ev.enumeration_id WHERE e.name = 'date_type';

Update the `date` table `date_type_id` replacing the capitalized value id with 
the lower case value id.
Simplest update would be something like:

UPDATE `date` SET date_type_id = $lower_case_value_id WHERE date_type_id = 

With no relationships to the capitalized value it should be possible to delete 

DELETE FROM `enumeration_value` WHERE id = $capitalized_value_id;

And I'm not completely sure but I think newer versions of ASpace prevent this 
from occurring, but I could be wrong on that.


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Dear ArchivesSpace Users Group,

Here at West Virginia University, we have a problem where a batch upload of 
accession records are resulting in new errors appearing in the logs with:

F, [2022-08-11T20:14:53.833183 #10996] FATAL -- :
F, [2022-08-11T20:14:53.833850 #10996] FATAL -- : ActionView::Template::Error 
(No such template: "date_type_Single"):
F, [2022-08-11T20:14:53.834690 #10996] FATAL -- : 45: <% end %>

When you try to Edit each record, and you cannot edit but simply get the 
dreaded: “We're sorry, but something went wrong.”

Based on the error message in the logs we see when we click “Edit,” we believe 
that the Value field single was accidentally capitalized during the batch 
uploads in .csv files used for the uploads. So, it should have been lower case 
“single” instead of “Single” (we surmise).  The first attached screenshot (I 
hope screenshots are allowed to be included with postings here) shows that we 
now have a couple of extra value columns now for date_type, with records 
separated into two groups for each of the erroneous Value fields (Single, and 
Inclusive which you can see are the last two rows under Controlled Value List: 
Date Type (date_type). The 2nd attached screenshot shows a sample of the column 
in the .csv used for the batch upload with the capitalized date_1_type fields.

We are thinking to fix this, we probably need to merge “Single” items with 
“single” and “Inclusive” items with “inclusive” with lower case Values being 
the ones they get merged into and then deleting the corresponding capitalized 
Value instances.

Does this make sense? If so, how can we clean this up? I am guessing we may 
need to edit the MySQL database directly? Or is there a better way through the 
GUI? With many other Controlled Value Lists there are three options 
(Suppress/Merge/Delete) in the GUI for each Value, but not so for date_type 
which only has “Suppress” as an option. If we could Merge and then Delete we 
could probably clean this up in the GUI, but that doesn’t appear to be an 
option for us.

We are presently running ArchivesSpace version 2.8.0 on Red Hat Enterprise 
Linux 7.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions,

Steve Giessler

Professional Technologist

WVU Libraries
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