Hello ArchivesSpace members,

The ArchivesSpace team is pleased to announce a release candidate, v3.3.0-RC1. 
You can download it at 
https://github.com/archivesspace/archivesspace/releases/tag/v3.3.0-RC1 or test 
it out without downloading at http://test.archivesspace.org/staff  (username 
admin /password admin).

This release candidate includes many small bug fixes and feature enhancements. 
Of particular note are some enhancements to spawning from accessions and an 
option for logged in users to change their own passwords. As part of the 
spawning improvements, the plugin Hudson Molonglo developed for The New School 
Archives and Special Collections<https://github.com/hudmol/as_accession_links> 
to link accessions to archival objects has been incorporated into the core code 
of ArchivesSpace.

A particular thanks to our Testing sub-team for their work testing individual 
JIRAs and doing regression testing across the application.

Please try this release candidate out and let us know at 
archivesspaceh...@lyrasis.org<mailto:archivesspaceh...@lyrasis.org> by August 
29 if you notice any problems with the specific areas addressed in this 
release, or if anything that was working before no longer is. Pending the 
results of this testing, we will aim to release the production version of 3.3.0 
shortly afterwards.

Please get in touch if you have any questions. Thanks as always for your 
feedback and support.


Christine Di Bella
ArchivesSpace Program Manager
800.999.8558 x2905


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