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There is a video in the user manual that features as short section on using the 
notes field for restrictions. The demo starts at the 10.25 mark of the video 
titled “Adding Instances and Creating Top 


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Hello, hello.

I’m seeking advice for how to best handle archival object record restrictions 
in ASpace. During a recent consultation of an archive collection, a number of 
photographs were identified with being culturally sensitive thus needing to be 
not only restricted to public access, but also internal access. In our efforts 
to be NAGPRA compliant and to follow the wishes of the Tribe, I need to 
determine best method(s) of restricting these records based on the options 
available in ASpace. I cannot find any previous conversations around this 
topic, and am wondering if others have had to restrict records for similar 
reasons before or restrict in general. My institution migrated our archive data 
to ASpace from TMS (The Museum System) a little over a year ago, so we’re still 
becoming familiar with the ins and outs of ASpace. We have procedures 
established for handling NAGPRA/Culturally Sensitive materials in TMS, but not 
yet ASpace. I welcome any thoughts and suggestions. Thanks!

Cataloguing Manager and Associate DBA
Gilcrease Museum
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