Some things you could try are checking whether the missing location's ID is missing from the list returned by this API call:


Or if its URI is returned by this SQL:

SELECT * FROM deleted_records WHERE uri LIKE '%location%';


On 28/11/2022 14:25, Matthew Adair wrote:
Greetings hive mind...

I've been working on some utilities for creating and updating top containers, locations, and barcodes via the API. I've run into an odd situation and I cannot figure out what is going on...

1. This particular Location was created several years ago (2018), and had a top container assigned to it.
2. Through the API, I recently assigned a location profile to it.
3. Examining the location through the interface, everything seems just fine. (ie 4. The location shows up fine in the browse list of locations: 5. When I query the location directly in the api, the JSON is returned as expected: <>)

Here is the kicker, when I page through all the locations via the API  ( <> ), this one location is not returned in the results. I thought it could be an error in how my loops were constructed, but I have actually examined all of the content returned from the server, and the location URI is never included.

Oddly enough, my code reports that a duplicate location URI is returned by the server. I've verified this in the JSON returned while paging through the results too. However, the duplicate URI changes based on the value passed in the page_size parameter.

Over the holiday break, we performed a re-index by deleting  data/indexer_state and data/solr_index, then rebooting. No change in the results.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


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