We've been running into an issue periodically where archival objects won't 
delete.  AS returns this message: Record deletion failed: 
Java::JavaSql::SQLIntegrityConstraintViolationException: Cannot delete or 
update a parent row: a foreign key constraint fails 
(`archivesspace`.`lang_material`, CONSTRAINT `lang_material_ibfk_1` FOREIGN KEY 
(`archival_object_id`) REFERENCES `archival_object` (`id`))

Our wonderful IT guy explained it to me as "There's a relationship in the 
database that ArchivesSpace is (sometimes?) not removing when an archival 
object is being deleted."  He's not sure if it's an AS issue or a problem with 
our data.  He has solved the problem each time for us by manually removing the 
language_and_script object, so he can then remove the lang_material object, so 
I can then remove the archival_object.
More details:
    archival_object - objects have an aoID

    lang_material - objects have a langID and are related to the 
archival_object table via the aoID

    language_and_script - objects are related to the lang_material table via 
the langID

Are others running into this?  I would like to determine if this is an AS bug 
or something specific with our data.

Alston Cobourn, MLS, CA
Head, University History and Records
East Carolina University

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