Can someone double check me? Just reading the code and it looks like a plugin 
cannot​ add multiple subrecord types. Specifically, the initializer 
 reads one config.yml file which (since its yaml) precludes duplicate key names 
and hence multiple subrecord types. While I could patch this, there are other 
places where the config.yml keys are used that would also need to be patched 
and I'm not sure how far that patching would extend.

If I'm right about no multiple subrecords in one plugin, guess it'll be a 
separate plugin with a depends_on_plugins entry in the config.yml since I'll be 
referencing a controlled value list created by another plugin and I don't want 
to maintain two cv lists that are duplicates.

Its a bummer since the subrecords are intellectually (though not structurally) 


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