I need to put a few WIFI access points in a few rooms. One wifi router won’t do 
the trick - foil-backed insulation in the walls stops signals. If I built a 
network around EOMA68, is this a reasonable approach?

I imagine the simplest way to make one WIFI access point using an EOMA68-A20 
card is to hook up a USB wifi adapter using a USB OTG cable.

To make a network of these APs with a central management console means plugging 
in hardware like this.

unmanaged switch
+— Internet
+— headless EOMA68
+— WIFI AP (EOMA68 and wifi adapter)

Then it’s all about mixing and matching software for the central console, 
access control, package updates and so on.

Presumably the 'sellable product' approach is to build a housing that adds POE, 
MIMO antennas, and IEEE 802.11ac.

USB wifi adapter

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