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On Fri, Sep 16, 2016 at 5:25 PM, Muhammed Adel Afzal <a...@ncf.ca> wrote:
> They got 3 million dollars ... wow.

 yeah.  started by a GOOGLE engineer who has access to GOOGLE
engineering mailing lists and lots of friends at GOOGLE the project
hit its funding goal within a couple of hours.

 it basically uses a DisplayLink adaptor.  DisplayLink adaptors
actually contain a full CPU with a built-in GPU and hardware
accelerated video decode engines, and they require some DDR RAM to
hold the framebuffers and so on.   it's a bit like a
hardware-accelerated version of doing X11 (or a less sophisticated
version of RDesktop) over USB instead of over a network.

 it would be very interesting to emulate a DisplayLink adapter using a
USB-OTG port set up in "client" mode.  the drivers are availalbe for
linux: they have been for some time.  that way it would be possible to
run a full-blown OS.... oh that happened to turn into a "display".


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