On 09/19/2016 12:38 PM, mike.v...@gmail.com wrote:
> Still on low speed machines try to avoid swap to any medium. All will get
> very slow; I/O contention. Memory usually has it's separate/private
> bus/tracs/connection. The rest, Network, Sata, USB, GPIO, SPI etc. shares a
> common bus.

Swap should be avoided as Lkcl said, but a crash may be worse than
waiting for swap. Web, LaTeX, GNOME Builder usage can be expensive.
Well, I’ll see.

> So keep away from high profile desktops/compositors like Gnome and KDE on
> low memory systems.

GNOME isn’t that bad. Of course LXDE uses less memory, but not by much.
The choice of Web browser seems much more important.

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