Are you talking about graphene based components ?
Because we are still a far away from large methods of production, no ?

Le 20/09/2016 14:47, Paul Boddie a écrit :
> On Tuesday 20. September 2016 09.36.39 Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
>>  thanks to idiots like elon musk the world's politicians and most
>> people *genuinely* believe that there is enough lithium, neodymium and
>> copper on the planet for every man, woman and child to own an electric
>> vehicle.
> I don't really want to weigh in on a topic that I don't have any specific 
> interest or expertise in, but my impression was (Musk aside) that nobody 
> really expects battery technology to stick with lithium or "rare earths". 
> Here, progress in materials science appears to be driving development towards 
> more mundane materials.
> Paul
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