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>> > I think my FairPhone 2, which I own for a month, is some kind of a
>> > modular
>> > smartphone.
>>  it's not: they lied.
> If they're intentions were honest it's not a lie. It's just being naive.

 no, it's called lying.  or, at best, deceptive marketing.

> But all most parts are, user, replaceable. Which indeed does not make it
> modular, but serviceable.


 if it was a truly modular design, the parts would snap or slide-lock
apart in some fashion, there would be a hardware and software standard
published, and the parts would be re-useble in future designs and they

 so it's total horseshit and they know it.  they're not stupid: they
had enough people on their forums talk about dave hakkan's phonebloks
concept for them to have heard the word "modular" enough times.

> The biggest issue is that they've tied the modem and SIM directly to the
> rest of the system. It's a cheap decision. Which most manufactures have done
> unfortunately. [1]

 i told them that it's easy to get hold of a cheap 3G modem containing
a qualcomm MSM chipset.  they ceased communication shortly afterwards.


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