1280x1024 is the very much standard resolution for a non-widescreen (4:3
aspect ratio) 17" monitor. It's actually still fairly common, I'd say... I
have IIRC three monitors like that... two HP LCDs, and an old (~2006)
eMachines "flatscreen" CRT boat anchor. That CRT monitor is heeeeaaaavy. It
works, mind you... but it's a real lunker. Kinda funny... when they say
"flatscreen" they don't mean LCD, they mean that the front of the CRT is
flat and not curved... it's kinda weird.

FWIW, my mother's computer's monitor is a Samsung 510MP... 15" XGA. Which
is to say -- 1024x768, with a 4:3 aspect ratio. She absolutely will not use
anything bigger or different because to her, it's perfect. Who am I to
argue... ;)
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