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On Thu, Feb 16, 2017 at 9:12 AM, Philip Hands <p...@hands.com> wrote:
> Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton <l...@lkcl.net> writes:
>>  if systemd is so bloated and all-encompassing that it in effect
>> demands *all* privileges (it doesn't, but you know what i mean), it
>> utterly defeats the object of having the security system in the first
>> place.
> This appears to be another instance of you conflating the init process
> with the project, but perhaps I'm misunderstanding you.
> Are you claiming that systemd (the init) uses forks where sysvinit uses
> execs?

 i don't know how you conclude i would say that when i don't mention
sysvinit.  why would there be an implication of sysvinit being
involved when it's not mentioned?

 i'm saying that SE/Linux's security model is based on the isolation
of exec.  but, that if the sheer overwhelming number of programs being
exec'd is so huge, it becomes pretty pointless to even *have* such

 i provide this as a guide *without* spending the time to assess
actual instances... because it's not my job to do so.  and, also, with
the sheer overwhelming number of *other* factors (all of them
individually low-probability events), when combined using
demster-shafer information theory, you don't *need* to go in-depth: to
do so is completely pointless.

 basically i'm saying, phil, knocking down one skittle by spending the
time to track down one "hole" in what i say, is pointless.  the entire
design and deployment of systemd is like a dam made of swiss cheese.

 there simply aren't enough fingers to plug all the hundreds of
flaws... so there's little point in trying.  this response (one of a
long line of reasons why i will never *ever* use systemd) is just one
response from a different angle, one that i have had at least one
person publicly express gratitude for taking the time to explain, and
one privately.  who knows well enough and is old enough and ugly
enough *not* to get involved in the cluster-fuck known as systemd.


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