On Tue, Aug 8, 2017 at 9:12 PM, zap <calmst...@posteo.de> wrote:

>>  because you've thought it through or yourself, weighed the balance of
>> factors *you* are comfortable with, and come to your own conclusion.
>> which may or may not happen to be the same.

> My bad,I was just trying to say that we should trust your 20+ years of
> experience, considering your ethical standards in general, I thought
> this was a good analysis.

 i'd be much more comfortable with you taking responsibility for your
own decision-making (and rationale)  not least, you can double-check

 btw PLEASE zap, i believe i've had to tell you four or five times
now, please TRIM UNNECESSARY CONTEXT.  i set some rules and have one
person still in moderation, i can't just arbitrarily ignore those

 do you see what i did above?  i cut out everything that wasn't
relevant.  PLEASE DO THE SAME.


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