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2016-09-21 20:47 GMT+02:00 Jeremy Linton <jeremy.lin...@arm.com>:
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Hello All!

2016-09-14 23:59 GMT+02:00 Jeremy Linton <jeremy.lin...@arm.com>:




I've got patches (mostly untested) for building erlang-js with mozjs170.


Hi Peter,

I've been submitting patches to pull everything forward to at least mozjs24
which is where gnome/etc are. Would it be possible to push from 17 to 24,
because if erlang lands on mozjs17 when polkit gets moved to 24, then again
mozjs17 will have a single dependency in fedora.

Working on it. The main issue is that they switched to C++, as well as
API change. I've got a version which compiles but segfaults during the

I don't see that in the github repo, but moving from 17->24 is straightforward once you get the C++ compile/link conversions straightend out. The one gocha, which i'm guessing is biting you, is any calls to JS_NewCompartmentAndGlobalObject() need to be converted to JS_NewGlobalObject() then you need to construct an JSAutoCompartment and track it for the lifetime of the GlobalObject (or go ahead and try to use RAII, but that likely requires higher level restructing of the old C code). The auto compartment stuff caused me some grief when I initially ported polkit.

That said, it looks like gnome are trying to move again, but they are too
moving to mozjs31, just as 0ad leaves it.

Mozjs versions zoo is a mess :)
Still better than v8 API as I was told :)

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