>> >> > Trying to fix that by blacklisting vc4 (to make things continue on
>> >> > simplefb, due to vc4 not yet supporting dsi) doesn't work for some
>> >> > reason with the F25 beta image ...
>> >
>> > ... without success.
>> Not a usecase I've tried, have you tried blacklisting the vc4 module
>> in something like "/etc/modprobe.d/vc4.conf"?
> Yes.  Even tried to remove vc4.ko from the filesystem, suspecting that
> blacklisting didn't work for some reason.  Didn't help.

I suspect then something is getting powered off because it doesn't
think it's needed. Will investigate.

>> We might also need to add the touchscreen driver to the kernel. I'm
>> not sure what is in the HW from the touchscreen PoV, I'll see if I can
>> find out.
> For touch to actually work yes, driver from rpi tree @ github must be
> ported over.  IIRC it's connected via i2c.
> Display output doesn't need the touch driver though.

Sure, but I wasn't sure exactly what you were after.

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