On 2/12/18 10:28 AM, Chris Tatman wrote:
Hey All,

When attempting to download the brcrm wifi sdio text file per instructions:

I am getting a 404 error message.

$ curl
404: Not Found

Looks like the link is dead?

    Standard advice a year ago was to download it from here:
but that site is gone, too.  Haven't been able (after only a quick search) to find an alternate source.

    From this thread,
an alternate approach would be to copy the missing txt file from an SD containing a working version of Raspbian Stretch.

    Interesting that the .bin files are in a public repository but the .txt files aren't.  I'm sure there's a reason for that, but I can't think of one immediately.

    Ah, I see that you've just gotten an updated link.  I'll go check that out, too.

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